Terms and Conditions

Booking deposit / cancelation fee 定金/取消费用

For some specific procedures, you may be required to make a small deposit in advance to secure your appointment. (In most cases, the amount is £50). 在某些特定的项目,您可能会被提前收取部分金额的订金以确保您的预约(大多数情况下是收取£50)。

You can pay the rest of money when you have received the procedure.

If you decide not to have the procedure after the consultation, you could get your full deposit back. 当天面诊结束后如决定取消不做项目,订金可以退还。

You can cancel your appointment or reschedule the date for free at least 24 hours before your appointment.在预约日期前24小时,您可以免费取消您的预约或是更改预约日期。

However, if you cancel the appointment less than 24 hours before your appointment or simply not show up, we will not refund the £50 deposit. 如果在预约日期24小时以内取消或者预约当日不出现,£50订金将会扣掉不会退还给您。

If you rearrange the schedule less than 24 hours before your appointment, we will only refund you £20 deposit. 如果在预约日期24小时以内改期,我们会退还给您£20。

We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals. But the late arrivals could result in the reduction of consultation time or the increase of your waiting time. 我们将尽力容纳较晚的到来者。但是迟到会导致咨询时间减少或等待时间增加。

Refunds for Courses 疗程退款

You can claim for a refund of courses fee which you have already paid, but the actual amount you will receive will be the preferential price of the course deducting the original price of sessions you have received. 如果您想进行疗程的退款,您实际收到的退款金额将会是疗程的优惠价格减去你已经做的项目的原价。

We allow your families or friends to continue your unfinished courses.

Example 1: the price of mesotherapy is £350 for a single session, and the course is £900 for three sessions. If you have had one session, you can get a refund of £550. If you have had two sessions, the refund would be £200 pounds. 比如水光针单次£350,疗程有三次共£900。如果您打了一次,可以退款£900-£350 = £550。如果您打了两次,可以退款£900- £350 x 2 = £200。

Example 2: the price of Thermage course(full face session + eyes session) is £3599 and Thermage face session is £2530. If you purchased the Thermage course and only did the face session, the refund would be £1069. 我们热玛吉组合项目(全脸&眼周组合)价格是 £3599,全脸项目是 £2530。如果您购买了我们热玛吉组合项目,但是您只完成了全脸项目。那您实际收到的退款金额将会是£3599 – £2530 = £1069 。

If the course includes a freebie (such as facial mask) or other additional procedures, the original cost of freebie or other additional procedures will be deducted from your refund. 如果您购买的疗程中有包含赠品(如面膜)或是其他加赠项目,你收到的退款将会扣除掉相关赠品或者其他加赠项目的价格。

Refunds Processing Time退款时间

It may take up to 10 working days for the refund to be processed. 退款处理时间最多10个工作日。

Currency Exchange Rate汇率

All our procedures and products are priced in British pound sterling (GBP). If you are paying in another currency other than GBP, the amount will be calculated based on Live Foreign Exchange Rates at the time of payment. 我们所有的项目和产品都是以英镑计价,如果在购买的时候,你希望用英镑以外的货币购买,金额会根据购买时候的实时汇率换算。

If you would like the refund to be paid in another currency other than GBP, the amount will be calculated based on the original purchase price in GBP and the Live Foreign Exchange Rates at the time of the refund transaction. 如果你希望退款用英镑以外的货币支付,金额会根据购买时候的英镑价格和退款时候的实时汇率换算。


If the event qualifies as force majeure occurs, such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or lockdown, we will not be liable to you for any losses arising from any delays of your treatment schedule. If you would like to ask for a refund, please follow and refer to the above refund policy. 如出现COVID-19或是封城等不可控制的的情况发生时,我们将不对您承担任何因为不能按时完成治疗而造成的任何损失或折损的效果之责任。如果您要退款,也请同样遵循以上退款政策。